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You CAN find purpose in your corporate job!

You have much more freedom to create your dream job on your terms than you think. Your job description isn’t fixed!

Catch Your Wave® Coaching

Let’s prepare some dangerously good ideas and move from stuck and drained to energized and excited again!

Bespoke coaching - customized to suit YOU!

You’re never too old, too overqualified or too experienced to change careers. You’ve come this far and gathered so much experience and so many skills, that it’ll be difficult not to figure out the next, beautiful level!


A new chapter in your story!

Give your career the jump-start it deserves. Stop overthinking on your own, treat yourself to executive coaching and get ready to find work that energizes you!


Desperate to change careers but not sure about the next step? Perhaps you want to push forward in the career you’re in but don’t know where to start. Trying to work out a way to get out of this situation without risking everything you’ve achieved so far?

Whatever type of career development you’re after, I’m here to help you CATCH YOUR WAVE. Whether you want to try something new, break through the glass ceiling or finally find the career that truly suits you: it’s all possible.

And yes, fear of change is often a natural part of this exciting journey, but with a coach by your side you’ll own your transition and find meaningful work that energizes you.

Don’t just take my word for it. I helped Jess (37, Senior Change Manager at a global technology provider) move from feeling overwhelmed to creating the next chapter in her career:

I was at a crucial point in my professional career – a period of personal growth, as intensive as I have ever experienced. I felt overwhelmed and excited at the same time, wondering how to make the right decisions, set priorities, and take action; balancing business and private life whilst achieving the professional and personal goals to be (and stay) my best true self.

“Nicole’s professional experience and strong coaching expertise were invaluable and she became the guardian angel during my journey. She equipped me with practical tools such as how to overcome barriers (e.g. ‘glass ceiling’, a female emerging leader in a male-dominated business world) and provided me with an extraordinary amount of inspiration and customized tips. Nicole is a powerful guide for the realization of your dreams.”

If you want to make your change happen, get in touch!

Figure out what you want and

learn how to ask for it.

I love this quote! To ‘figure out what you want’ is already a big step. If you then apply the second part and you ‘learn how to ask for it’, a lot of magic can happen. This is what I see when my clients get back to me with a big smile after they’ve asked their manager for that raise, promotion, sabbatical, or new project. Let’s do this!


I’m here to guide you through the next steps of your career, whatever they may be. I’ll be your coach, consultant, cheerleader and mentor. And the reason I’m so perfectly placed to help is because I’ve been there myself.

Clients see me as the bridge between two worlds, with an MBA, 11 years working at an executive level in the corporate world, and speaking 4 languages, to nowadays surfing around the world with my own business. On the one hand, I’m at home in classic, conventional, executive business; on the other, I fulfilled my unconventional dreams to work remotely from surf destinations all over the world (well,… much less during the pandemic).

For a long time, I worked in the automotive and food retail industries as an executive consultant to board members and chief executives (for example at one of Europe’s largest retail and tourism groups, managing complex projects and change management initiatives). This is why I know how ambitious female leaders feel and understand the environment you’re navigating – whether you want to be promoted, to tweak your role, or to find your true calling and a meaningful career. I learned how to survive in a good, ethical way at a high executive level without pretending to be someone else (although I had to put a poker face on from time to time). Plus, I’ve usually been on the other side of the table and seen people asking for what they want. I know what works and how to best navigate through this exciting journey.

By the way, if you think there’s only this ONE career for you in life or that you’re too old or too young… I’m now in my 3rd career. What most people don‘t know is that in my first career I was a passionate simultaneous interpreter for French and Spanish. When I was 15 I was so fascinated by this profession that I did everything to get a place at one of just three universities which taught this, sacrificing a lot and studying a lot. I worked as a freelance interpreter in Berlin for around 7 years – over-identifying myself with this work. I’d never have believed I’d be able to give it up.

Fast forward to today and I‘m happy and fulfilled in my third career as an executive consultant and career strategy coach for female leaders, which I’ve been doing since 2017. I’m a passionate surfer and world traveler who can live and work anywhere as her own boss (and I’d never have predicted that!). Nowadays, I either work from my home base in Germany (mainly over the summer and during the pandemic) or in sunny places all over the world, with my surfboard Lizzy always by my side… and I try to catch a wave every day. My favorite surf spots and happy places are Oahu/Hawaii, the Canary Islands and Costa Rica – destinations I discovered during my 6-month sabbatical back in 2015.

My professional qualifications reflect all these different parts of my life, including an MBA Masters in Business Administration, a University Diploma/Master in Simultaneous Interpretation (French and Spanish), and a qualification in business coaching (Certified Business Model You® Consultant).

Seeing me by the water, most people wouldn’t guess I have an MBA and years working in high-level strategy in the corporate world behind me (and have spent more time advising management boards than riding surfboards!).


“Nicole was the guardian angel that came at exactly the right time.  I was stuck in a big career rut and with Nicole’s guidance, I navigated a tricky transition period into a job that fits like a glove!

I would recommend Nicole to anyone going through a difficult transition in their career and life. Nicole is non-judgmental and immediately makes you feel comfortable to be yourself. She is empathetic and understanding, cares and has a real skill in helping people find their path. She went above and beyond to help me, thank you!”

Zoe Alexandra, UK



To feel fulfilled, happy and energized at work, we’ll get crystal clear on the natural talents you really want to use in your role!

We’ll build on the foundations of knowing your unique personality and everything that makes you “you”. We all have our moments of absolute flow, when we forget about time and can’t stop doing that one thing. We are allowed to get paid for this and to focus on our strengths! This is key to finding work that energizes you. We don’t always have to compromise and only check off the ‘shoulds’ on our to-do list.

There’s no need to throw away anything you’ve achieved so far! Quite the opposite. Your experience, unique journey, skills and CV are often the secret sauce for your next career step. I’ll help you repackage all that so that you’re powerfully positioned to find the next, fitting playground for it.

In the second step, we’ll create a crystal clear vision of where you want to be next!

We’ll identify your core ingredients and non-negotiables for the next phase of your career. We’ll do the opposite of just scanning job opportunities: we’ll start from the inside. I’ll support you to be your own detective and unravel every detail that fits into your vision and dream for the future.

Yes, it is possible to ask for what you want and I’ll guide you through that process. You can out-smart the corporate system and find purpose in your corporate job. I’ll help you discover new options that you might not yet be able to see for yourself. You’re much more than your job description, and you have more freedom to shape your work than you may think.

The third step is to take action (closing the gap between that vision and real life)!

My framework has implementation built in! No strategy or intellectual understanding is worth anything until you act on it. You’ll implement changes in small pilots, mini projects and small or courageous assignments, experiencing change and learn on-the-go.

As I always say, you only learn how to surf in the water and you only learn how to create your career by experimenting, taking action, reviewing and re-iterating. On this journey, you’ll also be supported to handle the scary moments and to make fear your best friend.

Momentum, your magic ingredient

You’re magically supported by the incredible momentum you create when you combine strategic thinking and smart doing. At the same time, I’ll provide you with accountability, support, practical advice and enthusiasm. While others stay stuck, you’ll make your change happen!

People I’ve worked with in the past have now set off on exciting journeys. Between them they have:

  • Found work they absolutely love and that energizes them
  • Got that promotion, pay raise, more staff or new role
  • Found their path and purpose (some choosing to get a new job, and others starting their own businesses)
  • Fully stepped into their executive role and leadership potential
  • Secured sabbaticals (even when it seemed impossible)
  • (Re-)discovered hidden superpowers and learnt how to use them
  • Built plans for their own businesses and started them
  • Significantly changed their work habits and mindset so that they have more flexibility, freedom and time for themselves
  • Got crystal clear about their next steps and their big picture

 What will YOUR journey be?


“I absolutely loved being coached by Nicole. I was looking for clarity about what to do next in my career, including potential ideas for self-employment and ways to weave all of my many interests and creative pursuits into a way to earn money. I also wanted to learn something new.

Quite a lot to fit into a three-month coaching package!  Nicole guided me through the process with skill, breaking everything down into easy steps and making them seem effortless. She was also very generous in sharing her own experience and expertise. I am now clear about what I want to do next and I’m taking the steps to get there!”

Sarah Wiseman, UK



I’ve built this enhanced 1:1 package for those of you who want to make a more major change in your career. My approach is not about quick fixes, but about creating a lasting transformation for you.

CATCH YOUR WAVE is designed as a 3-month program since this is the ideal minimum period to embed any sustainable change. It creates beautiful momentum which moves you from overthinking into doing. When you finish, you’ll leave with tangible results and a tailor-made roadmap for your journey ahead. You’ll look back on your old way of life as a distant memory.

During 3 months you’ll have me by your side as an experienced mentor, and I’ll give you not only a strategy but also the new tools and methods you need on the go. I work with women in similar situations every day and just love to provide you with exactly the guidance and motivation you need. On top of all this, you’ll receive book recommendations, videos, audios and inspiration – all customized to your unique journey.

Your 1:1 package includes:

  • Customized prep work (week one before our first session), so that you’re already tuning into the change you want to make happen, uncovering new sides to yourself and preparing for the first session. This also means we don’t waste any valuable session time because you provide me with your complete background information beforehand.
  • 1x Deep dive session (90 minutes), giving us the space to explore what’s playing a role in your career and what vision you have for yourself. We’ll narrow down what you truly want to achieve, your core ingredients, non-negotiables and possible routes of actions. Consider it your own strategic annual board meeting – all about YOU!
  • 5x Strategy sessions (60 minutes each, one session every other week) to provide you with the consistency and framework to see results. I’m experienced at quickly spotting people’s potential, options and natural talents. This has been my daily work for 11 years at board-level, and executives valued my creative approach to finding new ways as well as my intuitive judgement.
  • Session audio recordings + short recap notes with your action items after each coaching session, so that you can revisit the session at your pace and nothing will be lost.
  • Check-ins during the weeks when we don’t have a coaching session, keeping you focused and encouraged. I know how busy you are, so these check-ins are even feasible in 10 minutes during your lunch break.
  • Ad hoc support (Mon-Fri) on Voxer via audio, text or video so that I can be there for you when you need me most.
  • Actionable assignments so that you can apply and experience the change you’re working towards in reality. These can be longer exploration projects, concrete strategic conversations with your boss or also fun homework to recover your wellbeing. Don’t worry, I promise the momentum of the programme will create the time for it.
  • Inspiration, worksheets, book recommendations and tools, all customized to support your unique journey.

Why ‘Catch Your Wave’?

A few years ago I discovered surfing, and that’s where the phrase ‘Catch Your Wave’ comes from. You don’t have to be into surfing to work with me though! When you catch your wave, every element of your skill, your mood, your surfboard and the surf itself come together perfectly to lift you up and carry you along seemingly effortlessly on the crest of the wave. It’s about momentum, energy and exhilaration. And that’s the feeling I want to create with you in moving your career forward…


Say hello and book an introductory call! This is a powerful next step towards taking action for yourself and your career journey.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have and to set up an initial call to find out whether it’s the right fit and how I can support you.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you – let’s chat soon!

Look where you wanna go, not down. Trust yourself.

You can surf all these waves.

This is something my surf coach Jordy in Guiones, Costa Rica, said to me. But I think it applies to more than just surfing!

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