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As soon as people know that I work as a career mentor and coach,

I often get quizzed if they should just quit their job. Especially those quiz me who are in this in between phase and thinking about whether to make big change. I can often see in their face the answer they would love to get. It varies from ‘No, it’s ok to stay’ to ‘Immediately, you won’t regret it’. Since I’m working closely with so many people transitioning in their career, I can often tell by experience and intuition what might be the best next step…  

But surprise: There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.


I still remember how I felt when I was about to quit a job that you are usually not supposed to quit – unless you suddenly became a complete hippie (nope, I didn’t). I was reading and researching for hours about those people who quit their job for something new and were in a similar situation: a highly paid business job. I tried to figure out clear signs and patterns indicating that it’s ok to quit. I longed to know how it should feel right to make this decision.

For about 5 months I carried the written resignation letter with me, 

always ready to hand it in. The monthly ritual was to wait until the 30th/31st and then to print it out again with updated dates… My focus was so much on the pure handing in this sheet of paper that I forgot (or denied) the most important question: What comes next? What do I want to have in my life instead? And even if the answer is “I don’t have a clue”, what are the hints I know already and how could I start to explore the next thing. Instead I was counting the days and trying to build up my muscle “to just hand it in, no matter what”. 

When I work with my awesome clients (They really are! They take their change and dreams seriously and commit to do some courageous steps within their stretch zone – no worries, never in their panic zone), the energy immediately shifts when we first start with the why, the unfulfilled dream or motivation behind the wish of just-quitting. It’s like finally opening the door to actionable steps and transition. We dig deep which wave they really want to catch next. What are they maybe still hiding but want to use in the future? What are their natural talents? What feels so scary and exciting at the same time that it’s worth a try? What is their personality type?

Starting by figuring all those key elements for the next “thing”, 

the picture finally gets clearer. 


The next steps become actionable. Sometimes, it’s even not about quitting anymore but about tweaking the current job. One coachee for example who started with the firm intention to “just quit” the job she had been in for 3 years (in a really good and caring company) and to do something different, instead changed her job role within 6 months. She wanted more flexibility and couldn’t handle the 9-5 office anymore. We made a plan, she proactively created the projects and new direction she was excited about and also talked strategically with the management. A new position was created, she got promoted and even moved to another city (nearer to her boyfriend) within the company with the new option to work mostly remotely from now on. She is excited now, finally challenged again (I often coach overachievers with imposter 😉 ), smiles again and is full of enthusiasm.

So, the question is not ‘Should I just quit my job?’ But why? What are you really longing for? How does your ideal day look like? As soon as you get answers to these questions (yes, this is difficult…), the next steps will come naturally. It may be a tweak to your current job, or a sabbatical, or starting a side business, or exploring some new directions on the side or quitting immediately with a solid transition plan and idea(s).

Life is short. And life is also long. In any case it’s worth to catch your wave. 

I’m happy to help you find your direction and next steps. Looking forward to your message!


It doesn’t cost anything to get in touch and say hello! Even if you decide working with me isn’t the right thing for you (although I hope you do!), you can see getting in touch as a powerful first step towards taking action for yourself and your career journey.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have, and to set up an initial short Skype chat so you can get to know me a bit. Drop me an email and I’ll usually get back to you within 48 hours.

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