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Your 3 month career change program.

About Nicole

I’m here to guide you through the next steps of your career, whatever they may be. I’ll be your mentor, consultant, cheerleader and strategist. And the reason I’m so perfectly placed to help is because I’ve been there myself.

Clients see me as the bridge between two worlds, with an MBA, 11 years working at an executive level in the corporate world, and speaking 4 languages, to nowadays surfing around the world with my own business. On the one hand, I’m at home in classic, conventional, executive business; on the other, I fulfilled my unconventional dreams to work remotely from surf destinations all over the world (well,… much less during the  pandemic).

My professional qualifications reflect all these different parts of my life, including an MBA Masters in Business Administration, a University Diploma/Master in Simultaneous Interpretation (French and Spanish), and Certified Business Model You® Consultant.

Seeing me by the water, most people wouldn’t guess I have an MBA and years working in high-level strategy in the corporate world behind me (and have spent more time advising management boards than riding surfboards!).

“With Nicole’s expertise and support I was able to gain clarity and finally act without getting stuck in ideas generation mode. I started to believe in myself and I got comfortable with changing career. This was due to Nicole’s mentoring where we worked together on strategies to help me manage my fear and reframe my approach.

Nicole’s approach is fantastic. She is supportive, positive, intuitive, committed, knowledgeable and experienced. I really felt that Nicole understood where I wanted to go and what was holding me back. The practical tools she used also really helped provide a framework and provided me with much needed momentum. All this resulted in me achieving my goal of launching my business and securing my first paid client.”

– Charlotte, UK

There is a wave for everyone.

Thinking that there is only this ONE career for you in life?

I’m now in my 3rd career path. What most people don’t know is that I was a passionate simultaneous interpreter for French and Spanish. When I was 15 I was so fascinated by this profession that I did everything to enter in one of the only 3 universities, gave up a lot, studied a lot and worked for around 7 years as a freelance interpreter – over-identifying myself with this work. I would never have thought to be able to give it up.

But at a certain point my inner self started to question things and pushed me in a new direction. The transition took 2 years, an MBA and I was excited to step into my new role as executive consultant to board members and chief executives, working at a high level in big corporates in the automotive and food retail industries for the next 7 years (maybe there is something to those 7 year cycles!). This is why I know how ambitious female leaders feel and understand the environment you’re navigating. I learned how to survive in a good, ethical way at a high executive level without pretending to be someone else (although I had to put a poker face on from time to time!). Plus, I’ve usually been on the other side of the table and seen people asking for what they want. I know what works and how to best navigate through this exciting journey.

Fast forward and today I‘m happy and fulfilled in my third career as a career change consultant and business strategist since 2017. As well as a passionate surfer and digital nomad… who can live and work anywhere as my own boss. (No, I would not have predicted this!)

You can be much more than this one career in your life. You are never too young or too old.

It takes courage, patience and tenacity to take those steps but it’s so worth it. And you’ll never just throw away your perfect resume/CV – often your magic mix of experiences is the secret key to your next career.

Why Catch Your Wave®?

A few years ago I discovered surfing, and that’s where the phrase ‘Catch Your Wave’ comes from. You don’t have to be into surfing to work with me though!

When you catch your wave, every element of your skill, your energy, your surfboard and the surf itself come together perfectly to lift you up and carry you along seemingly effortlessly on the crest of the wave. It’s about momentum, energy and exhilaration.

And that’s the feeling I want to create with you in moving your career forward…

Who are my clients?

I often get asked who my clients are. Sometimes people think that I primarily consult women who want to become a digital nomad or start a business that lets them live anywhere like I do.

The truth is (and I counted):

  • 50% of my clients work in corporate and also want to stay there (but significantly change their role, switch companies to something that fits better or break through the glass ceiling)
  • And the other 50% are ready to start their own business! Those are either trying to find their right idea or are starting out (often with a part time or even full time job).

I love to work with both.

For the first group I just can’t help to figure out ways how they can outsmart the corporate system and step into their role.

You have so many more options than you may think (or is described in your job description).

When my clients get back to me with a big smile and tell me that they got the OK from their boss and can for example tweak their role so that it makes them go to work with excitement again, it always makes my day. Especially when it‘s about to step up as a woman in a male-dominated company hierarchy (been there).

For those who want out, seeing what is possible outside of the job world and creating that freedom for yourself for real is something I love to help people do!

It’s up to you to catch your wave. Let’s figure out what you want and learn how to ask for (or create) it.

What will your journey be?

Fun facts

Favorite Song
Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Surfboard Lizzy
Yes, my surfboard has a name… It’s a 6.3 Fish, Epoxy, Torq, lots of humor, unbeatable, known around the world.

Books & Paper
I just love to read, on average 2-5 books per months, mostly non-fiction books (e.g. Cal Newport). I prefer pen & paper for planning, lists and ideas.

Happy minimalist, travelling only with carry-on (and my surfboard). Collecting special moments is more essential for me than collecting things.

Can’t resist:


People I’ve worked with have set off on exciting journeys. They have:

  • Found work they absolutely love and that energizes them
  • (Re-)discovered hidden superpowers and learnt how to use them
  • Got that promotion, pay raise, more staff or new role
  • Found their right path and changed careers (some choosing to get a new job and others escaping to start their own thing!)
  • Smashed the glass ceiling of a male-dominated corporate workplace
  • Built plans for their own businesses and started them
  • Created tailor-made careers and lives that suit them
  • Significantly changed their work habits so that they have more flexibility, freedom and time
  • Got crystal clear about their next steps and big picture
What will your journey be?

Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it.

I love this quote! To ‘figure out what you want’ is already a big step. If you then apply the second part and you ‘learn how to ask for it’, a lot of magic can happen. This is what I see when my clients get back to me with a big smile after they’ve asked their manager for this new project, promotion, sabbatical, or that raise. Let’s do this!

Step one – Get in touch

Say hello and book an introductory call! This is a powerful next step towards taking action for yourself and your career journey.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have and to set up an initial call to find out whether it’s the right fit and how I can support you.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you – let’s chat soon!

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