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Every Sunday, I unveil the secrets on how to finally find a job that makes you happy and truly aligns with you. You’ll learn how to implement your change in small, clever steps and mini-projects, making Monday morning a highlight once again. Get ready for practical tips, real-life stories, personal updates, and an exclusive backstage pass to Catch Your Wave®!


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“I absolutely loved working with Nicole. I was looking for clarity about what to do next in my career, including potential ideas for self-employment and ways to weave all of my many interests and creative pursuits into a way to earn money. I also wanted to learn something new.

Quite a lot to fit into a 3-month package!  Nicole guided me through the process with skill, breaking everything down into easy steps and making them seem effortless. She was also very generous in sharing her own experience and expertise. I am now clear about what I want to do next and I’m taking the steps to get there!”

– Sarah Wiseman, UK

The welcome episode

Learn more about my background and two major career changes:


Why Catch Your Wave®?

A few years ago I discovered surfing, and that’s where the phrase ‘Catch Your Wave’ comes from. You don’t have to be into surfing to work with me though!

When you catch your wave, every element of your skill, your energy, your surfboard and the surf itself come together perfectly to lift you up and carry you along seemingly effortlessly on the crest of the wave. It’s about momentum, energy and exhilaration.

And that’s the feeling I want to create with you in moving your career forward…

Prefer German? Opt for listening auf Deutsch!

If German is your preference, I’ve got you covered. Everything at Catch Your Wave is bilingual. Both podcast shows offer the same content, with some tiny differences when I go off script. Follow this link to access the podcast in German.

Look where you wanna go, not down.
Trust yourself.

You can surf all these waves.

This is something my surf coach Jordy in Guiones, Costa Rica, said to me.
But I think it applies to more than just surfing!

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